Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retirement age of specialist Doctors 62, Dr. Rathore's court case

Dr.Rathore.H.S. from RAPS has been fighting alone and winning the case for implementation of retirement age of 62. NPCL has  got a stay order in this case which I am sure will be vacated soon as the high courts are already convinced about Dr. Rathores stand. Our best wishes are with you Dr. Rathore don't give up , show the authorities that the law shall prevail.


Dr.Rathore.H.S. said...
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Dr.Rathore.H.S. said...

Dear Friends,
I think my comments were mistaken, I filed a writ in 1992 for wrongly relieving me from service and this case I have won in S.B. and D.B. in High Court and now NPCIL has gone to S.C.and got a stay on my reinstatement.
Recentally, in Feb 2009 I filed another case that the retiring age of all specialist doctors in DAE and NPCIL should be 62 years like other specialist doctors of Central. Govt. Services. I have taken an the stand that DAE and NPCIL had been following all orders of DOPT and Mini. of H.& F.P. in the past than why this order should not be followed and they are also following pay commission reports and the other scientists and Engineers are getting two years extension but they do not want to give the doctors their legitimate demand.This case I am going to fight up to S.C.
If any one of you have any example that they were following DOPT and MIni.Of H.& F.P., kindly forward the same to me it will help me in fighting for our right.
I am of firm opinion that we should file a writ in High Court that Doctors in DAE and NPCIL should be treated as DOCTOTRS only and not as SCIENTIST, as clearly classified in 5 pay commission report.
Regards and Best Wishes.