Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Dear friends ..finally DAE has submitted a Rejoinder on 6th Feb,2012. I will send copies to all Doctors or I will post it on this website for your comments if it is a small note but I hear that its 50 to 60 pages where in they have repeated the same old story except a new twist now ..they say that the "cabinet decision  regrding DACP" is only a news report. If it is only a news report then my question is why has it been implemented by Health Ministry, Defence Ministry, Railway Ministry, Home Ministry and other Deprtments. Does the Govt. implement policies based on news reports or it is after Cabinet approval.
The following is the letter recieved from our lawer.

Gopal Sankaranarayanan

Dear Dr.Sen,
Dr Alex has picked up a copy of the Rejoinder this morning. You can peruse it and send me your comments. The listing of the case on 9th was for the hearing by the Registrar. There still has to be an official order from the Registrar listing it before the Court for the final hearing. Hence, the hearing on the 9th will only be a formality before the Registrar.


Anonymous said...

what was the present status of the case ? IS dae doctors have lost the case in final hearing of 09 February 2012.

bonehealer said...
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Ghost said...

Dear Bonehealer,
The comment posted by you has undone all the efforts I had put in this case,this post which I feel is written by one of you in Dr.Sen,s depart. is pathetic and highly deplorable.Whatever your issue it should not have been put in a public domain.I know that many of you are unhappy with me at the progress and the status of the case.I myself have been the most harassed and effected victim till date than any one of you.I have put in lot of money and unaccounted time for this cause.You people may not be aware that I have till not be reimbursed my bills for all these expenditures.I am also surprised that Dr.Sen is also a part of this blog and though he has confirmed that it is not by him.It is highly unacceptable he should take responsibility of this matter and apologize.I also feel that someone from the department side has posted/blogged and it is long out dated.Bringing this to the notice of our Lawyer at this stage seems to be a planned move by someone of you.You all might be aware that Mr.Gopal is one of the best in SC .Many of you have already confirmed/approved that Mr.Gopal is good .I am rendering apology on my behalf and trying to find the real person behind this.Someone is really out there to blow us out.This blog has no control by any of AEDAK office bearers therefore may not be our view.Personally I feel it is a planned sabotage by someone.I sincerely apologize to Mr.Gopal but I am not sure he will accept or agree to it.